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Napkin holder

Napkin holder

Napkin Holder was designed and made by the world famous company Preciosa. The napkin holder is a beautiful crystal gift for your loved ones as well as a very good corporational gift. A marvellous crystal decoration of your table.


Each crystal vase is carefully checked for quality. The Preciosa logo placed on each of their products, not only authenticates its origin, but also guarantees design and workmanship of the highest standard.


If repairs are necessary in case something happens to your crystal figurine, you simply contact us.


Each product is accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity that certifies the genuineness of the Bohemian crystal of which it is made, see the photo.


Beautiful and secure packing, see the photo.


You´ll receive a gift of the day buying this product!

Check the homepage to see the gift.

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