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Crystal Flowers... The Little Prince

Hand-made Bohemia Crystal


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All the products in this section are made on the basis of your order.


Flowers The Little Prince are made of the highest quality Bohemia Crystal using the technology of shaping the crystal by blast lamp. Each petal is made by hand individually and the parts are then completed.


The vase is not a part of the purchase, but you can choose one in the Menu of this category called Vases for Crystal Flowers.


All products in this category are always on stock. Should it happen that by you chosen product is sold out, it will be produced and delivered to you within 2 weeks time.


You can choose the colour of the flowers. Write the colour you have chosen in the Notes before confirming the order. If you wish the colour in the photo, don´t write anything in the Notes. Count with the possibility that the artisan wouldn´t have the material of the chosen colour in stock. In this case you´ll receive the colour in the picture.


You can choose from the following colours:

transparent crystal

light yellow

dark yellow

light golden topaz

dark golden topaz


light red

dark red

light violet

dark violet

light blue

dark blue

light green

dark green


Product number:004880
Measures:33 cm / 13"
Availability:7 day(s)
EUR 92,00
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