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Colour Glass Nail File 135 mm / 5.3´´ - Violet

Colour Glass Nail File 135 mm / 5.3´´ - Violet

Luxurious Bohemia Crystal Glass Nail File


For both natural as well as any type of ARTIFICIAL NAILS.


You´ll receive a gift of the day buying this file!

Check the first page to see the gift.


Colour Violet, double-sided handbag or home file, 135 mm / 5.3´´ length, 2 mm thick, pointed end. With beautifully worked round handle.


Majority of the production process is made by hand.

Fortified against easy breaking.


Perfect to take care of your nails at home or for finishing touches of professional manicure.


The pointed end is very practical for arranging the skin bellow nails.


The file can be used for both natural as well as artificial nails.


A part of the purchase is a free PVC sleeve/pouch of the colour you choose clicking on it bellow on this page.


If you want to buy a Gift Box with the file, you can choose from our wide offer of gift boxes bellow in the Menu on the left.

Product number:003609
Length:135 mm / 5.3´´
Thickness:2 mm
Width:12 mm
Colour 1:
PVC Sleeve colour:
whitelemon yellowegg yellowpinkstrawberry redsky bluecobalt blueblackpattern
Availability:in stock
EUR 14,00
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