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Pedicure Hard Skin Scraper - Spa Bar... Light Apricot

Pedicure Hard Skin Scraper - Spa Bar... Light Apricot

Luxurious Crystal Glass Pedicure Hard Skin Scraper - Spa Bar


World Novelty!


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Colour Light Apricot, 2-sided scraper file, one side more rough than the other, 158 mm / 6.2´´ length, 8 mm thick, 32 mm wide. As all the files are hand-made, slight differences in length might ocurre, see the photos.


Especially developed for treatment of hard and cracked skin on your feet. It is the most considerable yet most effective way to treat it. On the top of that if used regularly, it stops the growth of hard skin.


Use: Use on dry, not oiled skin only, until the hard skin disappears and gets smooth again. Should the scraper get filled with the removed skin, wash with water, let dry and go on in treatment. When you have finished, use a rich cream for feet.


Maintainance: Rinse the scraper with water or clean with a brush if necessary. Let dry. Don´t dry with a towel.


Do not sterilize with UV light, the scraper could go blunt.


Majority of the production process is done by hand.


Fortified against easy breaking.


It is available in a very practical PVC sleeve (pouch).


You can buy a luxurious velvet gift box if you want to give the scraper as a gift or you want to have a box where to store it. The offer of the boxes is in the main Menu on the left on the bottom.

Product number:003613
Length:158 mm / 6.2´´
Thickness:8 mm
Width:32 mm
Stock status:5
Colour 1:
Light Apricot
Availability:in stock
EUR 26,00
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