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Our company was founded in 2005 as an exporting wholesale company with crystal glass nail files.

During the first two years we have established a stable distributing net in South America, but our customers come from the whole World:



Within the years we have started to produce our own files. Thanks to our designer´s studio, we can offer you our own unique decorations of crystal glass nail files, some of which you will not find anywhere else (until they are copied), as well as you will find with us the greatest offer of the velvet nail sleeves/pouches in the world.



As we have been contacted by many people who wanted to buy solely one or two Bohemia crystal glass nail files and we have not been prepared for that to sell in quantity of one or two files, so we have decided to open an on-line shop in 2008, where we can attend all the individual persons where they can buy what they wish.



We have decided at the same time to offer our clients from all over the world all different kinds of unique exclusive products of Bohemia Crystal – such as crystal glasses, vases, decorative items, costume jewellery – crystal pearls, the so popular and world known Czech strass, as well as luxurious cut crystal jewellery, and the Czech treasure – luxurious jewellery made of the Bohemian precious stone called Garnet and we plan to extend our offer with the time. As well as other types of costume jewellery or genuine jewellery.


We do believe you will enjoy your shopping with us and that you will be satisfied with our very personal and friendly service anytime you have special requirements or need to solve any difficulty.


Our company would like to present itself to all our customers in the formal and official way, too, presenting them these documents issued by the Czech commercial and fiscal authorities:

Commercial reference number: 61480291

European Community VAT registration: CZ6853270182



You can contact us here:

Malý Lán 950

696 62 Strážnice

Tel. 00 420 518 321 611


ICQ: 568-695-665

Skype: jakub.kotyk; andrea.homolova



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