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Preciosa is a world leading producer of czech cut crystal. Preciosa produces crystal trimming chandeliers as well as contemporary decorative lighting fixtures. It also prepares custom-made lighting fixtures for a wide range of prestigious buildings such as theaters, hotels and luxury palaces. The chandelier making tradition dates back to 1724. In addition to fashion jewellery components and chandeliers, Preciosa also exports fashion jewellery stones of cubic zirconia, exclusive fashion jewellery, crystal figurines and gifts to many countries worldwide.


8 most effective steps not to destroy jewelry

1. Keep jewelry from contact with hard objects.
2. Jewellery prolong life if you keep it in a box or bag, preferably separately from the other jewelry.
3. Some people with very aggressive sweat, with illness or those who use certain medications can disrupt and change the appearance of the surface of metal parts.
4. Take off your jewelry during activities when you come into contact with water to avoid damage to individual parts (eg, bathing, showering, washing dishes, and similar activities).
5. Take off your jewelry during sports or physical exertion and before bedtime. This prevents mechanical damage to the product or surface.
6. Avoid contact with chemical agents. Action of certain perfumes, lotions, sea water, chlorine and other chemicals can damage the finish.
7. Do not use jewelry in presence of sulfur and iodine (spas, mineral springs).
8. We recommend that jewelry has to be cleaned regularly. To clean jewelry, use a soft cleaning cloth, liquid solutions or creams for cleaning.

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