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Gift Certificate

Do you want to please your loved ones but you are not sure what would make them happy or what they like?


Gift Certificate is the best solution!

You can add your personal message.

Conditons to use a Gift Certificate

The Gift Certificate is valid for 1 year.
The Gift Certificate can be used only with 1 purchase. It cannot be used gradually in several purchases.
It is possible to use more then 1 Gift Certficate with 1 purchase. Their values sum up.
It is impossible to exchange the Gift Certificate for money.
If the value of the Gift Certificate is higher than the realized purchase, the money difference is not returnable /reimbursable.
If the value of the purchased product/-s is higher than the value of the Gift Certificate, the difference in values must be paid in the end of purchase.

How to order a Gift Certificate

You can buy the Gift Certificate the same way as you buy a product in our on-line shop. The Gift Certificate must be bought with an independent purchase (not as a part of your purchase of goods that you might be buying in our shop on-line.) You will not be charged the postal expenses.
After filling in all the neccessary data (the same data which you fill in when you buy a product) you confirm your purchase clicking on the button „Buy now“. We issue the Gift Certificate in 2 days at the latest and send it off to the donee, by email or by post according to your wish.

How to redeem a Gift Certificate

So easy to redeem a Gift Certificate!
You simply insert the unique code that will be issued with the Certificate purchase.

When you want to redeem your Certificate, you simply go shopping in our shop-on-line. After you have placed chosen goods in your basket and have consumed your Certificate value, simply click on "Buy now". When you get to the point of the "Method of Payment", choose the possibility „Gift Certificate“ and then fill in your Gift Certificate code. And that´s it! That easy it is!
If you have more Gift Certificates to redeem with the same purchase, you simply insert one code after another.
If your purchase has exceed the value of the Gift Certificate, you simply pay the difference as if buying goods in our on-line shop.

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