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Easy Shopping in the Comfort of Your Home

The Czech Republic is renowned for its centuries long tradition of crystal glass production. The goods made here are beautiful and of extraordinary quality. And it doesn´t matter that you live thousands of kilometers or miles away from here. We offer you a rich variety of our Crystal Glass Bohemia products which you can choose in the comfort of your own home.


For detailed Online Shop information click on the following topics, please:

How to Choose the Goods

Detailed Information on the Product
Shopping Bag

Fidelity Bonus for year 2011

Wish List


Gift Certificates


My Account

Direct Order without Registration



Product Warranty

Check Orders

Sending the Order Form

Order Confirmation

Dispatching the Order

Delivery & Shipping Conditions

Shipping Costs

Data protection & Payment Security

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How to do the shopping

Shopping in our on-line shop is very easy. However, we are bringing you brief instructions how to proceed:



How to choose the goods

You can choose the goods by clicking on one of the type of products above the large photo (Available Now - Glass Nail FilesCrystallized with SwarovskiSurgical Steel Jewellery - Czech Garnet Jewellery - Crystal Jewellery - Strass & Costume JewelleryCrystal FigurinesCrystal FlowersHome & Style - Wedding)

After you have entered your chosen department, you simply choose from the list on the left side. The items are active, which means that clicking on them you open the offer on the particular product.


Or you can search for the item by using the function „Search term“ on the right side of the page.


If you are not sure what product to buy as a gift to your loved ones, friends or to your boss, you can contact us and we will happily assist you. Or you can simply buy them a Gift Certificate and let them choose what they really like.


Should you not know how to proceed with the purchase, please make sure to contact us, so that we can help you.



Detailed information on the product

Simply click on the photo or the name of the product. That way you will enter the page with detailed information on your chosen product, size, colour, product code, information on price and time delivery, more photos etc.

Should you like to see the detailed photo of the product simply click on the photo or the icon of handglass with a cross inside saying „Picture preview“.

If there are more photos of one product, you can see them in their normal size moving the cursor over them or you can enlarge the photo by the above described manner and then clicking on the indicator on the left or right side above the enlarged photo, you can see all the photos available enlarged.



Shopping Bag

Placing the goods inside the shopping bag

Use the Shopping Bag as you would in a shop: articles you would like to buy simply place inside. Should you change your mind, you can remove a product at any time. A product in the Shopping Bag is not an obligation to buy! You are buying the product after filling in the order form with your address and submitting the form clicking on it.


Changing the quantity of products in your shopping bag

If you want to buy a product, click on „Add to Shopping Bag“. If you want to buy more then 1 piece, simply enter the field clicking on it and write the number you wish to buy and then click on Enter key of your computer. If you want to chage the number of the products already placed in your Shopping bag, change the number and then confirm the change by clicking on the Enter key on your computer.  There will an automatic recalculation occure.

When you want to pay for your chosen products, simply click on „Buy now“ button bellow the Shopping Bag on the right.


Viewing the Shopping Bag

You may view your Shopping Bag at any time. If you just want to check your Shopping bag but still want to go on shopping, click on „View Shopping bag“ on the side of the Shopping bag icon/pictogram on the right side.


Removing products from your Shopping Bag

Click on the "Delete" button in the Shopping Bag view. The total price will be automatically reduced. As long as a product remains in the Shopping Bag, your order hasn't been placed.


Fidelity Bonus for year 2011

You will recieve the fidelity bonus - the Cut Bohemia Crystal Cat when you reach the total of 325 euros (to see how much it is in your currency click here: in your orders. It does not matter if it is with one order or within 6 months time or a years time. Delivery expenses are paid by our company.


If this crystal figurine is not available anymore, we will send you another figurine of the same value.


Wish List

Do your loved ones have a problem to buy you a gift that you would really like? The Wish List is the solution! Save your favourite items in the Wish List and send it to your partner, friends or a family via email. This will come handy especially in time of your birthday, Cristmas time or at other special occasions as a school graduation is. They will be able to buy you the chosen product/-s and have it send directly to your address or hand it to you in person.


But you can store your favourite products for yourself for future purchases. You can buy the products from the Wish List when you click on „View the Wish List“ and there you click on „Add to Shopping Bag“ by the side of the chosen product. The same way you can delete the item from your Wish List clicking on the „Delete“.


You simply add the product to the Wish List (bellow the „Add to Shopping Bag“ symbol). If you want to view the Wish List, you click on „View the Wish List“ on the right side.




See Dispatching the Order.



Redeeming the Discount Vouchers and Gift Certificates

You simply insert the unique code that will be issued with the purchase of the Certificate.

When you want to redeem your Gift Certificate, you simply go shopping in our shop-on-line. After you have placed chosen goods in your basket and have consumed your Certificate value, simply click on Buy now. When you get to the point of Method of Payment, choose the possibility „Gift Certificate“ and then fill in your Gift Certificate code. If you have more Gift Certificates to redeem with the same purchase, you simply insert one code after another.

If your purchase has exceed the value of the Gift Certificate, you simply pay the difference as if buying goods in our on-line shop. The same process applies with Discount vouchers.




Is it obligatory to register?

No. You can make the purchase without getting registered.


Benefits of getting registered

To register with us will make it easier for you to make a purchase the next time, as you will not need to fill in your address and other data required. You will have available a record of your purchases throughout the time. You will have an access to your stored data in your Wishlist.


Security of your data

Nobody else can enter your account unless you provide them with your username and your password. All your details given for a registration are protected by your personal password.
With your username and password, you can easily place orders in the Online Shop.


Where do I register?

The Registration Form is on the top of the page.

You have already registered

When you come to do shopping in our Cristal Online shop after you got registered the last time,  now after having logged in, your existing address details will be used. This saves time.

Change of personal data in My Account  and password change

Within the „My Account“ section, you can access and change your registered personal details at any time.

Forgot your password?

Should you have lost your password, you can easily retrieve it with the „Forgot your Password?“ function.


My Account


Dear customer,


change your personal details, manage orders and view your Wish List.



Change your personal details such as password or address (login required).
Don’t have an own account yet? Set one up now and take advantage of the numerous benefits.
Lost your password? (go to Login page)


Your previous View your order history (requires login).
View current delivery status. Has your package been dispatched?
Full right of return up to two weeks after receiving the goods: Returns

Wish List

Add favourite products to your Wish List (requires login).


Gift Certificate

Manage donated and/or received Online Gift Certificates (requires login).


Direct Order

You must fill in your address to be able to buy in our Online Shop is obligatory for the reason of control of possibility of legal abuse of the credit cards. Your personal data are safe and secure with us, see Data Protection. With the direct order without registration your address will be only used for this transaction.



We use only the payment by credit cards and via PayPal.
All prices displayed in include Czech VAT tax.

Payment by Credit Card

We accept VISA and Master Card from all over the world. Please select the appropriate credit card in the order process and fill in the required credit card details. Your credit card will only be debited when the articles ordered have been dispatched from the warehouse.

Is the payment via credit card secure?

We use No-Risk Payment Processing

All data transferred via our Online Shop, carrying sensitive information, such as credit card information, have been encrypted using the most modern standards of 3D-Secure system (SSL 128-Bit = Secure Socket Layers is a well-established security system for the Internet, and protects and secures your data). That means that for security reasons, the Cristal Online Shop does not even come to contact with any credit card information. The data is automatically passed on to your bank via our partner's system for payment processing which is called Global Payments ( and which is a specialist in credit card data processing, and who is a licensed partner of companies Visa and MasterCard. They assure security of the payment process.


Security Code

To make online credit card transactions more secure, from 1st October 2001 it is mandatory to enter a security code (CVC2 /CVV2). This number is neither stored on the magnetic strip nor printed on any payment receipts. Through the request of this security code it is ensured that the customer has the credit card physically available and that card number information is not abused.
In case of VISA and Mastercard the card security code is a three-digit number situated in the upper right hard corner of the signature panel on the back of the card, next to the repeated credit card number.




Damaged goods

Your satisfaction is our goal. Thus follow the following advice on receving your order, especially if its contains are fragile: when you receive your order, always open the parcel before the post-man or a messenger of the transporting company. If you find the goods damaged on opening it, immediately write the complaint / reclamation with the postman or the delivery person. Take the photo of the damaged goods for the later reference.

Our company ensures the security of each consignment of container so that the produts are not damaged during the transit. But we can not assure how the parcel will be treated during the shipment. If you receive your parcel and you open it without the presence of the delivery person and the product ordered is damaged, your complaint is unfortunately according to the rules of the transporting companies and post office services, INVALID. In this case - if you don´t follow the above described  instructions on receiving the package - neither our company can claim the reimbursement for the caused damage and thus we cannot help you further in this.

In case of accepting the goods without openning it before the delivery company and writing the reclamation, there is no possibility of return.

Thus in no case send the damaged goods back to our company before we have agreed upon this procedure in written.

That´s why make sure to open your order before the delivery person before he leaves you with the parcel alone.


Returns – Guarantee of Satisfied Client

Should you not be satisfied with what you have bought, you can return the ordered product/s within 2 weeks time of delivery in an original package without stating the reason. That´s why we highly recommend you that you keep the original package back. Send us the copy of the receipt/ invoice. We ask that you please keep a receipt of the postal transaction for possible reference. We will return you the money or will exchange the returned product for another one after we have received the returned goods. You will be charged the shipping costs – for returning the product and the international bank transfer fee for returning the money, and extra shipping costs for having the goods exchanged.

Return the goods to the following address, please:
Bohemian Productions
Marie Homolova
Maly Lan 950
696 62 Straznice
Czech Republic

Your account will be credited for goods returned but not for the postal charges. In this case we proceed in the following way: we send you a Credit note by post, you will sign it and send it back to us. After receiving it signed, we will return the due money to you via the credit card.

We kindly ask that you announce the return details on and follow the steps described.


We do not accept the COD (cash on delivery) returns.

Product warranty

For the entire range of our products purchased from us, normally applies the warranty in duration of 1 year. For more information, see the certificate accompanying your purchase.


Our goal is a satisfied Client. That´s why we always do our best to handle all to the Client´s satisfaction. Should you find a defect with the purchased goods within the time of warranty, a defect that was not caused by inappropriate use, you have the right to return the product/s. We kindly ask that you announce the return details on before sending the goods. Then send the product/s back to us with a copy of the receipt and a brief description of defect on the above stated address. The reclamation process takes up to 30 days time. We will keep you informed about the the process. Our interest is to handle the reclamation to your satisfaction.



Check orders

You can check the status of your order at any time by clicking on „My Account – Your Orders“ or by sending us an email with your question to



Submitting the Order Form

Check carefully your personal data as address, telephone number and email, so that there is no problem with delivering the goods or with contacting you in case of need of contact. If all the data is correct, confirm your order by clicking on the Enter key on your computer. If all the data are filled in correctly the form will be submitted.



Order Confirmation

The order confirmation along with all your order details will be send to you in an email following your order. Should you find any discrepancy, kindly inform us by return, so that we can adjust everything before dispatching your order.



Dispatching the Order

Products on stock

Orders are dispatched the same day if we receive the order until 12:00 (midday). Orders accepted after this hour will be dispatched the next day.


Products currently out of stock

The Availability time of each product:

Available NOW: immediately

Glass Nail Files: immediately

Crystallized with Swarovski: 1 week

Surgical Steel Jewellery: immediately

Czech Garnet Jewellery: 1 week

Crystal Jewellery: immediately

Strass & Costume Jewellery: 1 week

Crystal Figurines: 1 week

Crystal Flowers: 1 week

Home & Style: 1-2 weeks

Wedding: 1 week

Plus transporting time.


No product produced on the basis  of your order can be returned.


Delivery & Shipping Conditions

We use postal services for all deliveries.

The price of each delivery is € 10 and covers the registered and insured package.


Delivery time is from 5 to 10 working days (the whole Europe normally 5 days, the rest of the world normally 10 working days). But clients from overseas countries like USA, Canada, South America, Asia, Australia must count with the possibility of prolonged delivery which could be up to 3 months time.

We cannot guarantee the time of the delivery.


Should you not be available to receive your package at the address of the delivery, and should it happen that after some time of storage at the premises of your post office (it is ussually 7 days, but it can vary in different countries) and the package would be returned to us, we will charge you the same shipping cost to send the package back to you again.

In case you are interested in an express delivery through the services of EMS of postal services, contact us on and we will arrange this for you.


The goods remain our property until receipt of final payment.

Please understand that these deliveries must, for legal reasons, disclose the price of the goods. This is also the case for presents.

For countries out of EU: Cristal Online cannot deal with the customs paperwork for you in your country in case the amount exceeds the valour permitted by state. This is normally the value exceeding € 427 (which is approximately $ 500) but it can vary.


We do not charge any packing or manipulation fee.



Shipping Costs

The delivery costs are displayed prior to your final order placement. Please note, that due to currency fluctuations actual delivery costs may vary slightly from the mentioned rates.
Inside EU there is no customs paperwork necessary.


All the EU: € 10 per order
Out of the EU: € 16 per order



Data protection & Payment Security

Your privacy and the security of your personal data is not only of utmost importance to us, but it is as well legally ensured:
All details worth protecting, such as personal data, or credit card information, are encrypted with state-of-the-art SSL (128-Bit) and then transferred. Your details are safe.


Data Protection

We will process your personal data fairly and lawfully. The processing will be carried out with electronic and automated means. We will use your personal data only for market research to improve our website and our product range, and to keep you informed about our market activities. By registering, you will be asked whether you want to give us consent to the possibility of being contacted directly by us either by phone or electronic message without your prior request to introduce you our new products or to give you a special offer.
By registering with us you are expressly consenting to such use of your data. After you have registrated with us you may view and modify your data any time by selecting My Account from the website menu.
The details you provide us with will under no circumstances be forwarded to a third party. All data put at our disposal are subject to rigid data protection regulations.
All details entrusted to us about your person and your product interests are used simply to present a personalised service, and to make your shopping experience all the more convenient.
The Online Shop uses cookies in order to tailor its range of service & products to customer wishes. Cookies are very short text-blocks, which are transferred from shops in the internet to your computer. This enables our shop to recognise your browser, in order to be able to offer you individual services. You can deactivate cookies in your browser, without negatively influencing your purchasing options in the Online Shop.

More questions

Look for answers to your questions in the FAQ, as well.

Or if you don´t find the answers here in the Shop Info & Help, neither in the FAQ, send us your inquiry via our Contact Form or via our email

Should you care for a personalized help or you would like to speak with our Customer Service Agent, you can call us, too (see Customer Service).

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